20% Of Your Home Property Value Is Lost If Graffiti Is On It, Or Even Visable From Your House

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I am a Nevada State Licensed Contractor, I have been a contractor going on 29 years. We are all alarmed at the recent statistic shared by the California Realtors Board. Graffiti can negate your homes property value by up to 20%. If we try to get involved and confront the taggers we run the very high probability of getting shot. Two workers have been killed while removing graffiti and two women in different cities were killed when they just confronted the taggers. (I have attached the News clipping below!) I specialize in deciphering graffiti and identifying the gangs related to the markings. Graffiti is being used to sell products. If you look closely you might see My space names, Websites and even phone numbers. All are being tagged with the intent of selling everything from drugs to AK47′s.

I have been working with DOTs, DOE, Chambers of Commerce, and Gang Task Forces trying to help educate our many cities about graffiti and its vast effects. Here in the USA are spending over 40 Billion on graffiti and related issues.

1 The city of Chicago has set the standard of a 1.3 million fine for not removing graffiti in a reasonable amount of time.

2 This has caused all Public Works to feel financial pressure to paint over as much graffiti as possible a day. Matching colors is close to impossible with the factors of weather, oxidation, and UV degradation to compete with. The result of painting over the graffiti is now homes, buildings, and sound walls have a new problem. The graffiti is now hidden by a quilt of colors, all varying in sizes and shapes. Everyone knows the new paint is hiding gang related symbols; the public still show signs of concern and fear in these areas. The vandalism is hidden but the new “Ghetto Quilt Effect” influences the price of properties and strain on businesses. The current paint over solution is in sharing failing. Gangs are using our walls to advertise sales of their products. I am not alone sharing this information; Timothy Kephart analyzed 450 tags and wrote his Master’s Thesis on this very subject.


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